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Established in 1990, Gold Print srl specializes in all aspects of foil printing on paper and cardboard using the most advanced technology ‘Bobst Foil Master’.

The new company headquarters is situated in the Industrial zone of Soresina on the area of 700 sq. m and is divided into 3 departments: - Administration and commercial departments - Stock of the raw materials - The facility that produces high quality stamps using technologically advanced equipment.

Gold Print srl is easily accessible from Milan being situated only 5 km from SS Paullese and only a few km from the Cremona exit of the freeway Piacenza - Brescia.

Foil stamping machine FBR-R 74X104 Steuer (streaming)


Gold Print S.r.l. - Cap. Sociale: € 119.000 i.v.REA: 1769467 - P.iva e CF 01026130193 - PEC: