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All stamps are produced by hot- and cold foil printing machines with the size ranging from 25x35 cm up to max. 100x140 cm.

Our company employs truly innovative and highly advanced technology in its principal production activities:

  • The packaging development division manages customized projects carried out by our internal workshop and those based on specific requirements of our clients.
  • Hot foil stamping is executed on varnished or plasticized paper or cardboard with contemporary embossing on any surface, including gilded surfaces
  • Die cutting is performed on paper or cardboard and reproduces faithfully the original idea of the productís packaging based on the specific request of the client.
  • Manual Abbigliaggio with complete realisation in cardboard

The foil stamping machine FBR-R 74x104 Steuer has two separate functions: it can simultaneously execute high quality anti-counterfeiting holograms and do emboss printing.

Foil stamping machine SP 102BMA allows to make stamps of high quality in size 72x106 cm

Foil stamping machine SP 126BMA allows to make stamps of high quality in size 92x126 cm.

Foil stamping machine SP 140 allows to make stamps of high quality in size 100x140 cm.

Movie 1: The Production (swf - 1,6 Mb)
Movie 2: Foil stamping machine FBR-R 74X104 Steuer (Streaming)
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